Quick Q&A: Are Golf Balls Safe for My Dog To Play With?

This is one of those questions that might seem obvious at first, but then you may find yourself second guessing the answer. How many times have you been putting in the living room and the family dog thinks it’s time to play fetch? It may seem harmless (especially if you have a smaller dog that isn’t at high risk of being able to swallow it) but after doing some research, you may re-think having fido around when you’ve got the golf balls out.

A: No, golf balls are not safe for dogs to play with [2][3]. Golf balls are small, slippery, and can be a choking hazard for medium and large dogs [1]. Swallowing golf balls can cause long-term health damage to dogs, as the materials used to make them can be toxic and abrasive to their teeth and digestive system [1][2][3]. Ingesting dangerous heavy metals found in some types of golf balls can also be harmful to dogs [3]. It is recommended to keep golf balls away from dogs and find alternative toys to play with [1][2][3]. If your dog chokes on a golf ball or shows signs of discomfort after playing with one, seek professional help immediately [1][3].

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