Quick Q&A: Are Golf Balls Magnetic?

Believe it or not, this is a fairly common question in the golf world! At first it might seem that it would be impossible to have a magnetic ball due to the fact that it is constantly making contact with metal clubs. Depending on the polarity, it would either make the game very difficult or much easier, not to mention the issues with putting! Keeping all that in mind, the answer is actually a little more nuanced.

A: Golf balls are not currently magnetic [1]. However, a patent for magnetic golf balls using neodymium magnets exists, which could make it easier to track and pick up the ball, reduce the frequency of slices, and help find lost balls [1]. Some concerns about cheating exist, and illegal balls with magnetic material can impact flight time and trajectory. Magnetic balls could help reduce the cost of the 300 million balls lost each year in the US alone [1]. The patent application for magnetic golf balls describes a neodymium magnet integrated into the ball, allowing it to adhere to magnetic surfaces and display a promotional statement [2]. A ProMAG magnetic LED glow golf ball that stays lit until turned off is also available [3].

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