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Discover How Topgolf Works, Explore Swing Suites and Track Games.

Discover How Topgolf Works, Explore Swing Suites and Track Games.

Topgolf integrates cutting-edge technology and innovative features to create a unique and engaging experience for guests. Understanding how Topgolf works, the features of Topgolf bays, the Swing Suite, and the advanced technology used to track balls can enhance your visit. Let’s explore these aspects in detail.

How Does Topgolf Work?

At the core of Topgolf is its innovative gameplay, combining traditional golf with modern technology. Players hit microchipped golf balls at targets on an outfield, scoring points based on accuracy and distance. The microchips track each ball’s flight path, distance, and landing point, allowing for real-time scoring and feedback. This setup ensures that players of all skill levels can enjoy a competitive and fun experience.

Topgolf Bays

Topgolf bays are climate-controlled, open-air spaces where players can enjoy the game regardless of weather conditions. Each bay is equipped with comfortable seating, high-definition screens displaying real-time game data, and the latest Toptracer technology, which tracks the ball’s trajectory. The bays are designed to accommodate up to six players, making it a perfect spot for social gatherings.

Topgolf Swing Suite

The Topgolf Swing Suite is an immersive experience featuring high-tech simulators that offer a variety of games beyond golf, such as baseball, football, and zombie dodgeball. The suites provide a versatile entertainment option, perfect for corporate events, parties, or casual outings. The simulators use advanced graphics and sensors to deliver realistic gameplay, ensuring an engaging experience for all participants. Here are some Topgolf Swing Suite photos to give you an idea of the environment:

Integration with Callaway Brands

Topgolf has partnered with Callaway brands, leveraging their expertise and high-quality products to enhance the golfing experience. This collaboration allows Topgolf to offer the best equipment and technology, from clubs to tracking systems, ensuring a top-notch experience for all guests.

How Does Topgolf Track Balls?

Topgolf uses Toptracer technology, which was initially developed for televised golf broadcasts. This technology tracks the flight path, speed, height, and distance of each ball using high-speed cameras and advanced algorithms. The data is then displayed on screens in each bay, providing players with detailed insights into their performance. This technology not only enhances gameplay but also adds a layer of excitement and competition.

Topgolf Games

Topgolf games are designed to cater to various skill levels and preferences. Some popular games include:

  • Angry Birds: Players use golf balls to smash virtual structures and defeat characters from the popular game.
  • Jewel Jam: A target-based game where players aim for specific jewels to score points.
  • Virtual Courses: Play on famous golf courses like Pebble Beach and St Andrews right from your bay.

These games utilize Toptracer technology to provide real-time feedback and scoring, making the experience interactive and engaging.


Topgolf’s blend of innovative technology, versatile bays, and engaging games creates an unparalleled entertainment experience. Understanding how Topgolf works, the features of Topgolf bays, the Swing Suite, and the ball-tracking technology can significantly enhance your visit. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, Topgolf offers something for everyone.

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