Can You Drive Golf Carts on the Road in Florida?


Florida is one of the most urbanized states in the USA. There are a lot of vehicles on the road, which is why many residents are finding alternative ways to move around, including bicycles, ride-sharing apps, and even golf carts. But, can you drive golf carts on the road in Florida?

Yes, you can drive golf carts on the road in Florida. In fact, you’d be surprised to see how many golf carts are roaming around on the roads there. But, why are there so many golf carts in Florida? Probably because Florida hosts lots of professional tournaments each year.

But, how do you drive a golf cart so that you don’t get a ticket from the police? Can you ride one at night? You might have a few more questions about driving golf carts in Florida.

Let’s address them.

Golf carts vs. LSVs

Before we talk about any other law, let’s make sure you know the difference between golf carts and LSVs. Low-speed vehicles (LSVs) are any 4-wheel vehicles that can’t surpass a certain speed limit, say 35 km/h.

Low speed electric vehicle on the road

But, what does the law in Florida says about low-speed vehicles or LSVs? In Florida, an LSV is defined as any 4-wheel vehicle having a top speed between 20 and 25 mph.

Now, many golf carts fall under that category, but some might not go above 20 mph, which makes them ineligible to be LSV. According to Florida golf cart laws, anyone above the age of 14 can drive a golf cart on a road where the speed limit is 25 mph.

But, golf carts that have a top speed of more than 20 mph are treated as LSVs. So, all the LSV rules will apply to them. For instance, you’d require an operator license. Plus, it should be insured like any other vehicle and registered at the local DMV.

Can You Ride Your Golf Cart in Leesburg, Florida?

Yes, if you’re over 18 years old, you can ride your golf cart in Leesburg, Florida. So, it’s the city that legalizes driving golf carts on public roads.

Can You Ride a Golf Cart at Night?

The general rule is that you can only drive a golf cart during the daytime, more specifically, between sunrise and sunset. However, whether or not you can ride your golf cart at night also depends on the local government rules. So, if you want to ride your golf cart at night time, it’d be a good idea to check with your local authorities first.

The Villages, Florida would be a suitable example where the local government allows you to ride a golf cart at night if it has brake lights, headlights, reflective devices, and turn signals. It’s also important to mention that you should start using the night light 30 minutes before the sunset. And, if it’s raining, keep your headlights on.

Needless to say, any state or country that allows golf carts at night would make headlights mandatory. Also, you aren’t normally required to have an electric turn signal, but it’s always recommended. Because otherwise, you’d have to use your arm for indications.

In addition, if you’re pulled over by the police, they’ll probably check your LSV for rear mirror and reflective warning devices.

Can You Modify Your Golf Cart in Florida?

Some golf cart enthusiasts like to modify their golf carts to improve their road performance. Generally, you’re allowed to modify your golf cart in Florida, but there are a few things to keep in mind. For instance, keep in mind that if your speed exceeds 20 mph, your golf cart will be treated as an LSV, and would be subjected to a completely different set of rules. So, if you’re thinking of speeding up your ride, keep yourself informed with LSV rules as well.

Also, there’s a reason why golf carts are designed to run at low speeds. They’re not as stable as other cars and can topple easily. So, speeding it up wouldn’t be safe for the driver. And, needless to say, your insurance company might not pay for any damages for a modified golf cart should it gets into an accident.

Can You Get a Ticket for Driving Golf Carts in Florida?

Well yes, you can get a ticket for driving golf carts in Florida, if you are found violating any state rules and laws. As discussed before, you’re generally allowed to ride a golf cart in Florida, so you won’t get a ticket for just driving a golf cart. But, you do need to abide by the state rules regarding golf carts and LSVs.

And obviously, you need to be extra cautious while driving a golf cart on the road. There will be other heavier vehicles out there that can do serious damage to your cart or the driver.

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Can You Ride a Golf Cart on the Side Walks?

Generally speaking, it’s not allowed to drive a golf cart on the sidewalks in Florida. Of course, sidewalks aren’t designed to be used by motorized vehicles. The purpose of a sidewalk is to provide a safe place to walk for pedestrians.

That said, there are exceptions to that rule. For instance, some areas have sidewalks wider than 5 feet. In that case, golf carts are allowed on the sidewalks that are parallel to a state road. However, of course, golf carts should give way to pedestrians first.

Final Thoughts

So, can you drive golf carts on the road in Florida? Generally, yes! You’d be surprised about how many golf carts are roaming around the roads of Florida. But, there are some rules you need to follow, depending on the top speed of your golf carts. If your golf cart has a top speed of over 20 mph, it’ll be categorized as an LSV (low-speed vehicle) and would be subject to a completely different set of rules.

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