Can You Overcharge Golf Cart Batteries?

Can You Overcharge Golf Cart Batteries?

Golf carts are short-distance modes of transport so they have a simple engine system and a rechargeable battery. Golf cart batteries aren’t entirely different from other batteries in an electrical system.  So can you overcharge golf cart batteries?

Golf cart batteries are like other rechargeable batteries, so they can be overcharged. When left connected to the charger for too long, the golf cart battery can overcharge and lead to damage.

This article examines the possibility of overcharging a golf cart battery, the consequences of overcharging, and ways to maintain a golf cart battery.

Can Golf Cart Batteries Be Overcharged?

Yes, you can overcharge your golf cart batteries just like you can overcharge any rechargeable battery.

The maximum charging time of a bulky duty charger is between 1 – 3 hours. A 2 – 5 amps lightweight charger takes longer to charge a golf cart battery.

Depending on the charger you’re using, when you leave the golf cart battery plugged into the golf cart charger beyond the required time, it can overcharge.

What Are The Results Of Overcharging Your Golf Cart Battery?

The consequences of overcharging your golf cart battery can be minor in some cases. In other cases, overcharging can have serious consequences. 

A common consequence of overcharging is the reduction in battery life. When the water in the power cell overcharges, it leads to dryness of the battery plates.

On some occasions, overcharging can fry the battery and damage it beyond repair. This is why you should endeavor to avoid overcharging as much as you can.

Type Of Golf Cart Chargers

There are two types of golf cart battery chargers which are the trickle charger and the automatic charger.

Trickle charger charges the battery till it is full and still contains to release power even after the battery is fully charged. When using a trickle charger, it’s important that you keep an eye on the charger so you can unplug it once the battery is full.

Automatic chargers charge the battery till it’s full and after that, it automatically stops charging.

To get a better charging experience, it’s recommended that you use the automatic Dual Pro charger. This charger charges the battery full after which it stops releasing power.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Golf Cart Battery

Irrespective of the golf cart you drive, these tips will help you get the most out of your golf cart batteries.

Use The Right Charger 

You should ensure you choose the right charger that matches the battery voltage. A wrong charger can lead to extremely slow charging or not charging at all. It can also lead to overcharging which can damage the battery.

Before choosing a charger, consult the golf cart manual to ascertain the battery voltage.

Charge The Battery Fully After Each Use

It’s good to fully recharge the golf cart battery after every time you use it. After every daily use, charge the battery to full capacity so it can be ready for the next use.

Leaving your golf cart battery in a low state for a long period can decrease its battery and weaken its functionality.


Maintenance is a key element in getting the most out of your golf cart battery. You should prevent damage to the battery by removing corrosion from the battery terminals. You should also park the golf cart in a safe place where it won’t be exposed to rain, too much sunlight, and dirt.

Water The Batteries Regularly

You should consult your golf cart manual to ascertain the type of the battery and the proper watering schedule. You should include the right amount of water at the right time to maintain the battery quality and performance.

It’s advisable to use distilled water and you should ensure the water is at the right level. Keeping the battery water at the right level will save you the trouble of worrying about the water level at different states of charge.

If you are not sure of the intervals you should water the battery, you should endeavor to check the battery once a month until you can ascertain how often the battery needs watering.

Keep The Battery Active By Using The Golf Cart Often

Just like other car batteries, not using the golf cart for a long period can lead to severe draining of the golf cart battery. Not using the golf cart batteries can make it discharge critically which can weaken the battery.

If you know you’re a seasonal golfer or for some reason, you won’t be using your golf cart often, you should ensure you charge it often. Charging it will help maintain the battery quality and capacity.

Store The Battery Properly

The period of inactivity can negatively impact the battery. So you should ensure that the battery is safe and secure in the storage.

In storing your golf cart battery, you can do the following:

  • Ensure you fully charge the battery before storing it.
  • Choose a cool, dry location, protected from the elements.
  • keep an eye on the battery when it’s in storage to ensure it doesn’t go below 70%. When the battery is nearing that point you need to charge it.


If you notice that your golf cart battery is discharging faster than it should after taking shorter or much longer to fully charge, then the battery might be faulty.

In this situation, the battery might have been damaged beyond repair and you will have to change it. Before buying a new battery, ensure that it’s the same voltage as the bad battery.


When using a trickle charger, it’s possible to overcharge your golf cart battery. Overcharging can weaken the battery and even damage the battery. Hence it’s important that you use the right charger and take steps to maintain the battery.

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