Can You Fit a Golf Bag in a Porsche Cayman?

Can You Fit a Golf Bag in a Porsche Cayman?

The increasing number of golfers is quite encouraging. It’s not by surprise; golf is a favorite practice for many around the globe. Many who have taken golfing should know that this sport has a lot of requirements. Some of which include a vehicle to carry your golf bag. What vehicle type can you use? Can you fit a golf bag in a Porsche Cayman?

You can fit a golf bag in a Porsche Cayman. You’ll find plenty of space in a Porsche Cayman. The concept of the mid-engine of a Porsche Cayman allows for luggage compartments.

You’ll find space at the rear of your vehicle and another at the front. The luggage compartment at the front offers 5.2 cu-ft of space, while rear comportments have 9.7 cu-ft. However, above the engine cover, you’ll find space for keeping longer items, including the golf clubs.

Do you want to know the items in the golf bag you need to carry in your Porsche Cayman? This article highlights all the tools to carry in your golf bag.

Things You Need in Your Golf Bag

Golf sport has challenges. A good way of combating these challenges is by always being prepared. Therefore, you should use large golf bags to carry with you the golfing tools. Such tools you’ll find in the golf bag include:


You’ll not get much of the golf without the clubs. According to USGA rules, you can carry with you 14 clubs only. The different clubs you’ll find include the putter, sand wedge, lob wedge, eight irons, fairy wood, hybrid, and a driver. But you can increase your luggage as long as they fit.

Observe the table below.

Golf clubFunction
PutterUsed in tapping golf ball
Sand wedgeOpen wedged designed to get balls out of sand bunks
Lob wedgeUsed in producing shots with high arc
IronsUsed in propelling balls toward the hole
HybridFeels gap between fairy woods and harder-to-hit irons
DriveGets balls towards the green


It’s important to load your bag with the correct amount of golf balls to use. Carry more balls with you if you normally hit many of the balls in the woods. For the lower handicap players, try to save weight by carrying lesser balls necessary only for the play.


It’s hard enough hitting tee shots. Try to limit tee-box stress by ensuring you carry an ample number of tees before a round begins. Otherwise, you may scramble with a half-broken tee before tee shots. Tees have a purpose, just like the golf club groove cleaner and ball mark repair tools.

Divot Repair Tool

Should never leave the green with bumps and indents. It would be best to repair the ball marks using the divot repair tool. The best thing to do is to replace your gall mark.

The Ball Marker

While on the green, use a correct marker to mark your balls. Your fellow players won’t like navigating the green looking for their balls. Whenever you make marks on your ball, it’ll be very easy to identify them.


A very crucial element that helps wipe away the dirt on your body caused by the greens or sweat. Also, you can use your towel to clean your clubs whenever they get dirty and clean your club and groove after every shot.

Ball Towel

If you like playing in the early mornings or during the cold weather, there should be chances of encountering moisture on your balls or the clubs. However, you can carry a small towel to help clean away the moisture. It helps in increasing your club’s grip.

Rain Cover

Most of the golf bags have stocked rain covers. Therefore, you can carry it with you during wet weather conditions to help keep your clubs from moisture. You should also practice covering your golf tools during the offseason to make them stay in good condition.


You’ll stay behind whenever you go to the field without a rangefinder from this day onwards. Whether it’s a GPS watch, laser, or any device, you should always have a rangefinder in your bag. Range finder will help dial the accurate distances, speed up the process and improve your game. You won’t be spending more time pacing out the yardages from sprinkler heads.

Extra Pencil

You’ll always receive a pencil and scorecard from the golf course’s starter during playing. You may lose this pencil in the process of playing. It’ll serve the purpose if you’ve carried an extra pencil in the golf bag. You will be able to record your scores throughout the round.


Also known as a sharpener. Your pencil will be fading out in the process of recording; sharpening will help in retrieving the graphite. You can also carry with you a permanent marker. When using the same golf ball during rounds, the permanent marker will help you not to lose your golf ball.

Cold Weather Gloves

Maybe you didn’t know about this. Whether you love teeing off in the early mornings or playing in frigid weather, you should not forget to carry gloves. The cold conditions can cause numbness during the play. The gloves will help increase warmth and increase the grip of the golf clubs.

Rain Gear

You do not know when the rain will hit; carrying with you rain gear will help whenever it rains. However, golf apparel companies making outerwear usually have rain shells. To keep yourself dry from any weather, you can buy jackets and matching pants. You should not wear rain gear during the summer as it’s quite warmer.


Carry sunscreen with you in the golf bag to protect yourself from the sun’s dangerous rays. Also, you can protect yourself by keeping sweat-proof sunscreen.


You can fit a golf bag in a Porsche Cayman. The Porsche Cayman vehicles offer ample space for the golf bags to fit in, with front space offering 5.2cu-ft of space while rear comportments have 9.7 cu-ft. Also, above the engine cover, there exists space for keeping longer tools like the golf clubs.

However, the size of the bag depends on the number of tools you stock. The different tools to stock include 14 golf clubs, balls, tees, divot repair tool, extra pencil, sharpie, maker pen sunscreen, rain gear, cold weather gloves, range finder, rain cover, and many more tools importance.

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