Can Golf Bag Zips Be Repaired?


Although golf bag zippers perform great work, sometimes they get damaged. Does it mean you should throw away the bag whenever this happens? Can golf bag zip be repaired?

Having the zipper, not closing does not mean you should throw away the bag. You can find different zipper options to repair your golf bag. Various methods you can use to fix have been created and offer you an easy to perform the task.

This article is a simple guide to help fix your golf zip problem whenever it gets damaged. Do you need to learn the various zip fixing methods? Here we go.

Steps to Repair a Golf Bag Zipper

Whenever you’re still under warranty, you can ask for the golf bag replacement whenever problems with its performance arise. If you prove to the manufacturers that the bag is defective, they’ll probably give you a new one.


For the sake of a malfunctioning zipper, the manufacturing company can decide to give you placement zip instead. You can do the installation yourself or look for a professional if you do not know how to fix it.

Whenever you get a replacement zipper from the manufacturing company or when you miss one, there exist various methods you can use to fix your golf bag zip problems. You can also take it to a repair shop or any shoemaker who can repair zippers.

These trained professionals may have much experience in doing the fixing for you, and you should not question their skills. Whenever you choose these professionals, you may have the best results with your little time commitment.

However, whenever you need to save money or social energy by fixing your zipper, we have detailed methods you can use to fix it in the next section.

#1 Fixing Method

This DIY golf bag zipping method is the easiest you can learn. However, it’s not a professional fixing method but a slightly destructive one. You modify the zipper into a shorter and fully functional zipper. The materials to use in this method include:

1st Step: Cut Into the Zipper1

If your zipper teeth have detached from the zipper slider, you should find a way to make the zipper slide back into the teeth.

However, at one end of the zipper, use a pair of scissors to cut at a right angle along the width of the zipper; you can now slide back the zipper into its zipper teeth.

2nd Step: Prevent the Slider From Coming Out of the Cut by Using the Sewing Kit

Because the zipper gets back into the zipper teeth, you have to ensure it doesn’t come out of the section of the cut you created in the first step.

You block your bag zipper slider to prevent the slide from going far up the zipper. Now you can take out your sewing kit. Use some string and a needle, and sew across the zipper just before the cut you created so that the end can block the zipper slider. Now your zipper is functional and ready to use.

#2 Fixing Method

Compared to the first method, this method is a bit tricky to master and do. But whenever you complete the steps successfully, the work will look clean and professional. This method involves replacing the zipper by fixing a new one. This method uses the following materials:

Seam reaperUsed to cut and remove stitches
New zipperReplaces the old zipper
Sewing kitCarrier for  thread and needles

1st Step: Remove the Original Zipper of the Golf Bag

Use your seam ripper to get underneath seams to pull the strings out or rip them up. This process will help you remove the original sewed zipper from the golf bag without necessarily cutting the fabrics of the golf bag.

When you finish ripping up the strings, you can safely remove the zipper easily. With that done, you can now keep the broken zipper aside.

2nd Step: Use a Pin to Attach the New Zipper to the Golf Bag

Now, this step involves attaching your new zipper to the golf bag. Use pins to set the zipper into a correct position in line with the old zipper alignment. The extra fabrics on either side of the new zipper will help you sew it into place.

However, whenever you need to get a clean and professional fixing, you need to place the fabrics inside the golf bag and pin them into place before sewing. The pins help hold the zipper into position without moving around, which may interfere when sewing.

3rd Step: Sew the New Zipper Onto the Golf Bag

With the new pinned zipper held into place, take your sewing kit, a long piece of string, and a needle. Now sew into place the new zipper. Once done, make large knots with your string, and use scissors to cut the remaining string just immediately the knot. However, leave some inches after the knot and cut.

Look at your golf bag zip now. It looks brand new and fully professionally fixed.

How Should You Handle Golf Bags With Repaired Zippers?

Well, this should be a question of interest. You may fix or replace your broken zippers, and after a short time of use, you break them and do the repair again. Hectic right? Here is a quick guide to follow.


Whenever you have a fixed zipper and experience hardship during opening and closing, apply oil to lubricate to prevent breakage. The oil will help in easy closing and opening.


You can repair golf bag zips whenever they get damaged. When under warranty, you can be lucky to get a complete replacement of the bag if you find it defective. However, even the manufacturing companies can offer a new zip system to replace when your new golf bag zipper has issues.

However, you can decide whether to take a complete replacement or fix the damaged part. There exist methods of solving this problem which you can follow. They range from the simple step to the more complex steps of fixing. Mastering these methods can save you money.

Whenever you find it hard to repair, find a professional to do the task for you.

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