Can You Bring Golf Tees on a Plane?


Golf tees are one of the most important parts of a golfer’s kit. But, the question is can you bring golf tees on a plane when you have to travel to a play a tournament?

The short answer is yes, you can take golf tees with you on a plane. Many people are familiar with the tees used to play golf. They’re tiny, oval-shaped objects often seen in the background on a golf course. If you’ve ever played golf, you know what they look like. They’re allowed on planes because they’re not considered a danger for passengers, so you can bring them in your carry on or checked bags.

But, how many tees should you bring with you? What’s the right way to pack them? What are their types? Can they really make a difference in your game?

Let’s talk about all that.

Bring More than One Golf Tee

It’s also important to note that you’re limited to only one of these small items, so you can’t carry more than one tees (or a small handful). It all depends on what type of gear you want to bring with you to the tournament. If your bag is too heavy for security, then the tees are no problem. They’re small and lightweight.

If you’re headed to a golf game or tournament, one option would be to leave the tees behind and buy a dozen at the course where you’re playing. They’ll be more expensive, but it might be worth the investment if you plan on playing a lot of golf while traveling.

The important thing is as long as you’re within the weight restrictions, you shouldn’t have a problem bringing the tees to your destination.

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What is the Best Way of Packing Your Golf Tees?

Here’s how you should be packing your golf tees. Put your tees in a small compartment in your bag so that they’re easily accessible and don’t damage anything else. That way, you won’t have to worry about them moving around as you go from place to place. Place the rest of the things you’re bringing with you in front of your tees. It keeps them from getting smashed or damaged.

When you arrive at your destination, carefully pull out your tees. With a little care, you can ensure that your tees are in a perfect condition for the game.

What Are the Different Types of Golf Tees?

1. Plastic tee: As the name suggests, these tees are made from hard plastic. They’re a lot longer than most other tees, and you can use them to hit balls in just about any situation.

2. Wooden tee: These tees are used during practice, as they’re softer than plastic. When you hit the ball with a wooden tee, it should bounce when it hits the ground, showing you that you’ve hit it correctly.

3. Metal tee: This type of tee is meant to be used when playing golf on a real course. It’s made of metal, so it will not break even after multiple shots.

4. Bamboo tee: These tees are a little harder to find. They’re made from bamboo and are much smaller than other tees.

Do Golf Tees Make a Difference?

Most people think golf tees are just an extra piece of equipment used to help train your eye. But in fact, they’re one of the most important tools when it comes to the sport of golf. A golf tee is a device that keeps the golf ball intact, preventing the weather from interrupting the play.

Plus, it makes it easier for the player to tell the difference between the ball and the ground. Without a tee, you’d have a hard time even hitting the ball let alone putting it.

However, keep in mind that a tee should be longer than 4 inches. Plus, don’t place the tee in a fashion that can influencer the movement of the ball. The purpose of the tee is just to keep the ball above the ground level so that the player can easily locate it.

What Factors Should You Take Into Account When Choosing a Tee?

1. The size of the tee: The size of a tee affects how big of an impact it has on your golf game. They should generally be longer than four inches. The material of the tee depends on the type of game and tournament rules.

2. The color: Generally, in professional golf tournaments, white-colored tees are used because of the obvious reason that they’re easier to identify. But, they also come in other colors, including red and blue. Their use depends on the experience of the golfer.

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3. The design: You’ll want to choose a tee with a design that is convenient for you to use. The sharp point on the top should be long enough so that you can make an effective strike with it.

4. The number of tees: Several golf tees travel bags are available today, which means that one tee is not enough. It all depends on your playing style and how many times you play per week or month.

5. The material: Each type of tee is made from a different material, affecting how they’ll react when you take a shot. For instance, wooden tees tend to break easily after repeated use, just as plastic tees will crack if used too often.


During traveling on a plane, you keep your tees in a bag. The bag should be able to transport the tees safely and avoid the tees from bending or breaking. If you want to keep your golf tees safe and secure  during traveling, it’s better to choose a travel bag made of high-quality material. Importantly, store your golf tees in a way that they don’t get damaged by other stuff, or vice versa.

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