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Best Golf Shirts 2024: Nike, Adidas, Callaway & More

Best Overall

Nike Dri-FIT Victory Golf Polo

Cool and Funny Golf Shirts

Bad Birdie Palm Party Polo

Luxury and Premium Designs

Peter Millar Crown Crafted Tour Fit Polo

In the ever-evolving world of golf apparel, the right golf shirt is more than just a staple—it’s a crucial element that enhances both performance and style on the golf course. As we look forward to 2024, the advancements in materials and design are set to redefine what makes the best shirts for golf, combining moisture-wicking technology, four-way stretch fabric, and stylish cuts that reflect modern golf polo trends.

Today’s golf polos are not just about meeting the dress code; they’re engineered to deliver performance fabric benefits such as UPF sun protection, making them perfect for long days under the sun. The introduction of features like sweat-wicking fabric and four-way stretch ensures every swing is as comfortable as it is precise, making these shirts a must-have in any golfer’s wardrobe

Whether it’s a classic fit polo shirt designed for comfort or a sleek pique polo that offers an extremely lightweight feel, the best golf polos of 2024 promise to keep you cool and comfortable while you navigate from tee to green. With options that are meant to be worn tucked or untucked to suit personal style and comfort preferences, the right golf polo shirt can make all the difference in how you play and feel.

From Ralph Lauren’s iconic styles to new-age brands that prioritize sweat-wicking technology, this year’s lineup includes golf polo shirts that cater to all tastes and functional needs. Whether you’re playing on the sun-scorched greens of summer or the crisp mornings of the off-season, finding a golf shirt that combines moisture-wicking properties with breathable, performance fabrics is key to maintaining your edge and comfort.

As we delve into “Best Golf Shirts 2024,” we will explore a variety of shirts that promise not only to meet but exceed the expectations of men’s golf enthusiasts looking for the best value golf shirt or the ultimate in luxury and performance.

Table of Contents

Best Men's Golf Shirt

Nike Dri-FIT Victory Golf Polo

Material Details: The Nike Dri-FIT Victory Golf Polo is crafted from a premium blend of polyester and elastane, which provides an optimal balance of stretchability and durability. This material choice enhances ease of movement, crucial for golf swings, and withstands wear over time. The fabrics are specifically selected for their exceptional breathability and moisture-wicking properties, ensuring that the golfer remains cool and comfortable throughout play on warm days.

Technological Features: Central to the design of the Dri-FIT Victory Polo is Nike’s renowned Dri-FIT technology. This innovative feature excels in pulling sweat away from the skin to the surface of the fabric, where it evaporates quickly, keeping the golfer dry and comfortable. Additionally, the inclusion of UV protection within the fabric helps shield the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, making this polo an excellent choice for sunny days on the course.

Design and Aesthetics: Nike has designed the Dri-FIT Victory Polo with a focus on modern style and versatility. Available in a variety of patterns, from classic solids to bold prints, and multiple color options, the polo suits a wide range of personal styles and preferences. The design incorporates refined details such as mesh panels for enhanced ventilation and distinctive collar styles that contribute to its stylish appearance.

Sizing and Fit: Understanding the diverse needs of golfers, Nike offers the Dri-FIT Victory Golf Polo in a wide range of sizes, ensuring a suitable fit for different body types. The fit is generally true to size, promoting comfort and freedom of movement, essential for a golfer’s performance. The shirts are tailored to avoid restricting the golf swing, providing a combination of fit and functionality that supports athletic performance.

Big and Tall Golf Shirts

Walter Hagen Perfect 11 Golf Polo

When it comes to golf apparel tailored specifically for big and tall golfers, the Walter Hagen Perfect 11 Golf Polo emerges as a standout choice, dominating its category with unmatched style and functionality. Designed with the unique needs of larger body types in mind, this polo combines high-quality materials and thoughtful design to offer superior comfort and mobility on the golf course.

Material Excellence: The Perfect 11 Golf Polo is constructed from a sophisticated polyester blend, ensuring a soft, breathable fabric that moves with the golfer. This blend not only offers exceptional comfort but also integrates stretch fibers that enhance flexibility, making every golf swing smooth and unrestricted.

Advanced Technological Integration: Walter Hagen has leveraged cutting-edge technology in the development of these shirts. With moisture-wicking capabilities, the polo ensures that perspiration is swiftly drawn away from the body, keeping the golfer dry and comfortable throughout the game. Additionally, selected models are treated with antimicrobial technology, effectively reducing odor and keeping the shirt fresher for longer.

Design and Aesthetics: Reflecting a blend of classic and modern golf fashion, the Perfect 11 offers designs that are both elegant and functional. With a range of conservative yet stylish patterns and colors, these polos cater to all preferences while remaining compliant with the most stringent club dress codes. The attention to detail in the aesthetics ensures that each shirt not only performs well but also looks great on the course or at the 19th hole.

Optimized Sizing for All: Walter Hagen understands the importance of a perfect fit, especially for those who are taller or have a larger build. The Perfect 11 Golf Polo comes in a variety of extended sizes, featuring longer torsos and sleeves to accommodate different body shapes comfortably. The specific tailoring helps avoid any restrictions during play, providing a fit that is both flattering and functional.

This polo is more than just a piece of clothing; it’s an essential part of the big and tall golfer’s gear, promising performance, comfort, and style. Whether you’re playing a casual round with friends or competing in a tournament, the Walter Hagen Perfect 11 Golf Polo stands as a prime choice for those seeking the best in big and tall golf apparel.

Cool and Funny Golf Shirts

Bad Birdie Tropics Men's Polo

Golf Apparel - golf shirt image

Bad Birdie continues to inject fun and flair into golf apparel with its Tropics Men’s Polo. Renowned for vibrant and playful designs, this shirt is perfect for golfers who want to make a statement on the course while enjoying top-tier comfort and performance.

Material Excellence: Made from premium microfiber polyester, the Tropics Polo is designed to be ultra-light and breathable. It features quick-dry and moisture-wicking capabilities, ensuring that golfers stay cool and dry even during the most intense rounds.

Technological Innovations: The shirt goes beyond basic moisture management by incorporating enhanced breathability and durability. The fabric is treated to resist fading, preserving the bold tropical patterns and colors wash after wash, making this polo a durable choice for any golfer’s wardrobe.

Design and Aesthetics: The Tropics Polo showcases a dynamic and tropical print, embodying a youthful and energetic vibe. It’s designed to catch the eye, appealing to those who are young at heart and those looking for a fresh, modern twist in their golf attire.

Sizing and Fit: Offering a modern fit that is slightly more tailored than traditional golf polos, this shirt provides a stylish yet comfortable fit that doesn’t restrict movement. Golfers can enjoy full freedom of motion, allowing for optimal performance throughout the game.

Budget-Friendly Affordable Choices

Adidas Ultimate365 Golf Polo

Best Golf Shirts

For golfers who prioritize both quality and value, the Adidas Ultimate365 Golf Polo stands out as a leading choice, offering high-end features without the premium price tag.

Material Innovations: Made from recycled polyester, these shirts are not only eco-friendly but also excel in moisture management. The lightweight, breathable fabric is ideal for various playing conditions, ensuring comfort throughout the game.

Technological Advantages: Equipped with ClimaCool and ClimaLite technologies, these polos regulate body temperature and manage moisture efficiently, keeping golfers cool and dry even in the heat of play.


Design Versatility: Adidas offers a plethora of designs ranging from timeless polos to contemporary styles with bold colors and patterns, catering to a wide array of tastes and ensuring every golfer finds a shirt that matches their style.

Fit and Comfort: These shirts are designed to accommodate a range of body types with a fit that is comfortable yet stylish, allowing for unrestricted movement and optimal performance during the golf swing.

Luxury and Premium Designs

Peter Millar Crown Crafted Tour Fit Polo

Representing the pinnacle of luxury in golf apparel, the Peter Millar Crown Crafted Tour Fit Polo combines sophisticated design with superior craftsmanship, aimed at the discerning golfer who values both style and functionality.

Premium Materials: Constructed from the finest materials like Merino wool, Egyptian cotton, and high-performance synthetics, these polos offer exceptional comfort and functionality. The fabrics are chosen for their softness, durability, and ability to maintain a pristine appearance over time.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Featuring moisture-wicking, quick-dry fabrics, and advanced stretch technology, these shirts ensure comfort and freedom of movement, essential for top-level performance on the golf course.

Elegant Design: Known for its refined aesthetic, Peter Millar offers shirts with subtle patterns and luxurious finishes, perfect for both on-course performance and off-course engagements.

Tailored Fit: Available in a range of fits from traditional to tailored, these polos cater to a diverse audience, with meticulous attention to tailoring that enhances the silhouette while ensuring comfort and mobility during play.

Unique and Thematic Golf Shirts

ReadyGOLF Crazy Golf Shirts

ReadyGOLF’s collection of Crazy Golf Shirts is a treasure trove for golfers who prefer to bring fun and flair to the fairways. Known for their unique and eye-catching designs, these shirts infuse personality and playfulness into traditional golf attire, making them the top choice for those looking to stand out.

Material Excellence: Crafted from a high-quality microfiber polyester, these shirts are exceptionally light and breathable, ensuring comfort throughout the game. The quick-dry and moisture-wicking properties help keep golfers cool and dry under the sun.

Technological Innovations: These shirts not only manage moisture effectively but are also designed with breathability and durability in mind. The vibrant prints are treated to resist fading, ensuring that the bold and funky patterns remain sharp and clear, wash after wash.

Design and Aesthetics: ReadyGOLF is committed to designs that capture the spirit of fun and freedom. The Crazy Golf Shirts feature a range of whimsical prints, from loud patterns to novelty themes, appealing to golfers who enjoy a bit of humor and style on the course.

Sizing and Fit: These shirts are designed with a comfortable fit that allows for unrestricted movement, making them perfect for swinging with ease. The fit is true to size, providing a balance between loose and snug, ensuring that golfers can move freely and comfortably.

Climate and Seasonal Use

Under Armour Men's Playoff 2.0 Golf Polo

Under Armour’s Men’s Playoff 2.0 Golf Polo is engineered to adapt to any weather, making it an ideal choice for golfers who face diverse conditions. From chilly mornings to sunny afternoons, this polo ensures comfort and performance.

Material Innovation: Utilizing Under Armour’s patented HeatGear and ColdGear technologies, these shirts are tailored to maintain optimal body temperature. The lightweight, breathable fabrics adjust to both hot and cold conditions seamlessly.

Technological Integration: With moisture-wicking and quick-dry technologies, these polos keep you dry and comfortable. Additional features like wind and water resistance enhance their suitability for various playing conditions.

Design and Functionality: The Playoff 2.0 offers a range of styles suitable for different seasons, including options with long sleeves for cooler weather and ventilated designs for warmer days. The aesthetics are sleek, designed to maximize performance without sacrificing style.

Sizing Options: Under Armour provides a variety of fits, from loose to compression, ensuring every golfer can find the perfect match for their comfort and playing style.

Golf Shirts for Women

Swiftly Tech Sleeveless Polo Shirt Colour Tip

The Lululemon Swiftly Tech Sleeveless Polo Shirt is a superb choice for women golfers seeking a blend of style, comfort, and performance.

Made with high-performance fabrics, it features Lululemon’s signature sweat-wicking technology to keep you dry and comfortable. Its lightweight design offers excellent breathability and flexibility, making it ideal for active wear on the golf course.

The sleek and modern aesthetic is complemented by a variety of color options, ensuring a stylish appearance without compromising on functionality. Perfect for those who want to stay cool and look great while playing.

Best Golf Shirts for Hot Weather

Under Armour Iso-Chill Golf Polo

The Under Armour Iso-Chill Golf Polo is engineered for peak performance in hot weather, keeping golfers cool under the sweltering sun with its innovative fabric technology.

Material Technology: This polo utilizes Under Armour’s HeatGear fabric, designed to regulate body temperature and wick sweat away rapidly. Its lightweight nature enhances comfort and cooling, even on the hottest days.

Innovative Features: Equipped with UV protection and anti-odor technologies, the Iso-Chill Polo ensures golfers are protected from harmful rays while maintaining freshness throughout play. Ventilated panels further aid in cooling, making it ideal for long rounds under intense heat.

Functional Design: The polo features a sporty yet stylish design with options that include additional ventilation for enhanced cooling. The aesthetic is perfect for those looking to combine performance with a modern look.

Optimal Fit: Available in a variety of fits, from snug to relaxed, this polo allows golfers to choose the best style for their comfort needs, ensuring freedom of movement and effectiveness in high temperatures.

Winter or Cold Weather Golf Shirts

FootJoy Performance Thermal Base Layer

The FootJoy Performance Thermal Base Layer excels in providing warmth and comfort during cold weather rounds, ensuring that golfers can enjoy their game even in cooler conditions.

Material Composition: Made from performance polyester blends, this shirt offers excellent thermal insulation while allowing the skin to breathe. The material helps maintain body heat without causing overheating.

Thermal Technologies: FootJoy incorporates moisture-wicking technology in this long-sleeve shirt, which is essential for keeping the skin dry and warm. Additional features like brushed interiors offer extra warmth and comfort.

Conservative Design: The design focuses on functionality, providing warmth with a more conservative aesthetic that still offers elegance and style. Colors and patterns are suited for blending into the serene winter golf landscapes.

Adaptive Sizing: Designed to allow for layering, the fit is comfortable and accommodating, with extended sleeve lengths to ensure full coverage and protection against the cold.

The Importance of Quality Golf Shirts


Quality golf polo shirts are essential for any player looking to improve their game on the golf course. The right golf polo can dramatically affect a player’s comfort and performance, thanks to moisture-wicking technologies that keep the skin dry and comfortable fit designs that allow for a full range of movement. Many golf polos now offer UV protection to shield players from the sun, enhancing the functionality that modern golfers expect. Golf apparel, especially items like men’s golf shirts that incorporate technical features for moisture management, are critical for playing under varying weather conditions.


Today’s golf shirts are not just a functional part of your gear; they are a fashion statement. Over the years, golf polo shirts have evolved to bridge the gap between on-course performance and off-course style. Brands like Peter Millar have led the way in offering golf shirts in bright colors and flattering fit options, catering to a demographic that values aesthetics as much as performance. The contemporary golf polo often resembles a stylish short sleeve polo shirt that can be enjoyed wearing anywhere, reflecting modern fashion sensibilities that demand versatility.


In 2024, innovation in golf shirt design is centered on new best materials and enhancements that offer more than just a great stretch or an athletic fit. Advances in fabric technology have introduced options that are not only extremely comfortable but also equipped with slim fit profiles and cold water resistance, ensuring durability and ease of care. These shirts promise to keep up with the dynamic needs of golfers, who require apparel that supports their lifestyle both functionally and aesthetically. The latest golf shirts incorporate technical features that enhance moisture management and comfort, making them indispensable to the modern golfer’s wardrobe.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Select the Perfect Golf Shirt

Factors to Consider

When selecting a golf shirt, there are several key factors every golfer should consider to ensure they get the best fit for their game and lifestyle:

  • Material: Choose a fabric that suits the climate you play in most often. Moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics like polyester are ideal for hot conditions, while four-way stretch materials offer unrestricted movement. For those who prefer a natural feel, look for golf polos made from breathable blends that provide comfortable fit.

  • Fit: Whether you prefer a slim fit, regular fit, or athletic fit, it’s crucial to select a golf polo that allows for ease of movement. Ensure the golf shirt fits well around the waist and collar, and that sleeve lengths offer enough coverage without hindering your swing.

  • Features: High-performance features like UV protection and anti-odor properties can significantly enhance your comfort on the golf course. Look for golf shirts with a collar that stays put and stretch fabric that moves with you as you play.

Matching with Other Apparel

Coordinating your golf shirt with other pieces of your golf wardrobe can help create a polished and professional look. Here are a few tips:

  • Color Coordination: Align the colors of your golf polo with your golf gear for a unified appearance. Neutral colors like navy, black, and gray are versatile and pair well with various golf apparel items.

  • Style Synchronization: Match the style of your golf polo shirt with the rest of your attire. For instance, if you wear slim fit pants, a similarly styled polo shirt can maintain a consistent, slim silhouette.

  • Functionality: Ensure all elements of your outfit work well together in terms of functionality. For example, if you play often in wet weather, pair a quick-drying golf polo with water-resistant outerwear.


As we’ve explored throughout this guide, choosing the right golf shirt is crucial not just for style but for peak performance on the golf course. The best golf shirts of 2024 offer a blend of comfortable fit, advanced fabric technologies like moisture wicking and breathable materials, and fashionable designs that ensure you look as good as you feel while playing.

Whether you’re searching for a Ralph Lauren classic or the latest in high-tech golf gear, it’s important to select a golf shirt that fits your body type and playing conditions. Consider your specific needs, from the climate you play in to the style that best suits your personal taste.

For those ready to upgrade their golf wardrobe, check out our affiliate links below to view and purchase the top-rated golf shirts. Invest in quality and style to not only enhance your game but also enjoy every moment you spend on the course.

FAQs for Best Golf Shirts 2024

What materials are best for golf shirts in hot weather?

  • For hot weather, look for golf polo shirts made from lightweight, moisture-wicking materials like polyester blends that help keep you cool and dry on the golf course.

How should a golf polo fit for optimal performance?

  • A golf polo should fit comfortably, allowing for full range of motion. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose; a proper fit supports ease of movement throughout the golf swing.

Can golf polos be worn for other activities besides golf?

  • Yes, modern golf polos are designed with versatility in mind. Their stylish and functional features make them suitable for other casual or semi-formal activities beyond the golf course.

What are some key features to look for in the best golf shirts for summer?

  • Key features include UV protection, breathability, and quick-drying fabrics. Look for golf polo shirts that offer these technologies to enhance comfort during play.

How do I care for my golf polo shirt to ensure it lasts longer?

  • Follow the care label instructions. Generally, washing in cold water and hanging to dry can help maintain the shape and functionality of the golf polo shirt.

What is the advantage of wearing a pique polo on the golf course?

  • A pique polo is made from a textured, breathable fabric that is durable and helps to wick moisture away, keeping you comfortable during your game.

Discover More Golf Apparel Essentials​

As we round off our guide to the best golf shirts of 2024, we’ve highlighted the top choices that merge style with functionality, ensuring you look as good as you play. These shirts are crafted to provide not only comfort but also performance enhancement on the golf course. To explore additional golf wear that complements these shirts, make sure to visit our extensive mens golf apparel guide. There you’ll find a comprehensive range of golf clothing designed to optimize every aspect of your game, from the tee box to the final putt.

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