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Best Golf Pants: What Is the Best Fabric for Them?

Best Golf Pants

Adidas Ultimate365 Tapered

2nd Choice

Nike Dri-FIT UV Chino Golf Pants

Editor's Choice ​

Under Armour Men’s Showdown

In the dynamic world of golf apparel, selecting the right golf pants is not just about following the dress code; it’s about ensuring every round you play is as comfortable as possible. As we look ahead to 2024, the best golf pants are those that blend performance fabric and style seamlessly, offering golfers not only comfort but also a classic look that stands out on any golf course.

Golf pants have evolved significantly, incorporating technical fabrics that enhance moisture wicking and comfort, ensuring you remain dry and comfortable, whether you’re playing in warm weather or facing a brisk morning. Today’s top golf pants feature options for every golfer, whether you need stretch for an athletic fit, zippered pockets to secure your essentials, or infrared tapered pants that promise advanced temperature regulation.

This year, the focus is on golf pants that not only look good but also enhance your game. With features like moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool, athletic cuts that complement an athletic build, and performance pants designed for the ultimate in mobility, 2024’s lineup is more innovative than ever. From slim fit to weather-resistant options, finding the perfect pair of golf pants is about matching your personal style with your practical needs on the course.

Whether you’re looking for the best pair for comfort, style, or durability, this guide will help you find a good pair of golf pants that meets your needs, keeps your shirt tucked neatly, and offers that tailored fit every sophisticated golfer seeks.

Table of Contents

Best Golf Pants for 2024

Adidas Ultimate365 Tapered

The Adidas Ultimate365 Tapered Golf Pants are celebrated for their exceptional blend of performance and style, marking them as some of the best golf pants on the market. They leverage high-performance stretch fabric to ensure maximum mobility and comfort, crucial for enhancing the golf game.

Material: Constructed from a resilient polyester and elastane blend, these pants provide the perfect amount of stretch, making them ideal for golfers who value durability and freedom of movement.

Features: Equipped with UV protection and a moisture-wicking, water-resistant finish, these pants are designed to keep you dry and comfortable in various playing conditions.

Fit and Comfort: Features a stretch waistband that adapts to your movements and a tapered leg for a modern, stylish fit.

Aesthetics and Available Styles: Offered in classic colors like black golf pants and khaki, these pants are versatile enough for both the course and casual wear.

Nike Dri-FIT UV Chino Golf Pants

Nike’s Dri-FIT UV Chino Golf Pants are a prime choice for golfers who prioritize both functionality and fashion. Renowned for their all-day comfort and stylish design, these pants are a staple in men’s golf pants collections.

Material: Utilizing Nike’s advanced Dri-FIT technology, these pants help keep moisture at bay, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable throughout your game.

Features: While an earlier mention included a five-pocket design, please verify this feature directly from Nike for the latest models as designs can vary.

Fit and Comfort: The stretch fabric provides not just comfort but also ample freedom of movement, crucial for any golfer.

Aesthetics and Available Styles: Available in a range of colors, including versatile white golf pants and black, making them suitable for various preferences.

Under Armour Men’s Showdown

Under Armour’s Showdown Golf Pants excel in delivering both comfort and durability, making them a top choice for golfers looking for reliable golf apparel. These pants are known for their capability to support a golfer’s performance from the first tee to the final putt.

Material: Made from a lightweight blend of polyester and elastane, these pants offer the necessary stretch and durability required for the golf course.

Features: They are designed with moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric, enhancing comfort during prolonged use.

Fit and Comfort: The inclusion of a stretch-engineered waistband provides unmatched comfort and mobility, which is essential for maintaining an optimal range of motion during play.

Aesthetics and Available Styles: Available in professional colors such as navy and gray, which are perfect for those who appreciate a more subdued, classic look on the course.

Best Jogger Golf Pants

Puma Jackpot 5 Pocket Jogger

Puma’s Jackpot Joggers offer a trendy take on traditional golf attire, combining comfort with a modern jogger style that’s perfect for younger golfers or those looking for a more relaxed look.

Material: Performance fabric that offers stretch and breathability.

Features: DryCELL technology for moisture-wicking.

Fit and Comfort: Elastic cuffs and waistband provide a snug fit.

Aesthetics and Available Styles: Available in basic colors, providing a functional yet fashionable option.

Value but Cheap Golf Pants

Izod Golf Swing Flex Pants

Izod’s Golf Swing Flex Pants are praised for offering excellent value without compromising on quality or performance, ideal for golfers watching their budget.

Material: Polyester-spandex blend for comfort and durability.

Features: Moisture-wicking, UV protection, and a flexible waistband.

Fit and Comfort: Stretch fabric allows for an unrestricted range of motion.

Aesthetics and Available Styles: Classic cuts in several colors including neutral tones and plaid golf pants.

Big and Tall Golf Pants

Columbia Men's Big and Tall Flex ROC Pant

Columbia’s Big and Tall Flex ROC Pant provides the extra room and comfort needed by larger golfers without sacrificing style or functionality.

Material: Made from a blend of cotton and elastane for stretch.

Features: Features include a utility stretch, sun protection, and a comfortable waist.

Fit and Comfort: Specifically designed to accommodate bigger sizes, offering superior comfort.

Aesthetics and Available Styles: Classic design with multiple pockets, available in essential colors.

Golf Pants for Short Guys

Peter Millar Crown Crafted Perth Performance Pant

Perfectly suited for shorter golfers, the Peter Millar Crown Crafted Perth Performance Pant offers a tailored look without the need for alterations, thanks to its lower waist and shorter length.

Material: Made from a performance blend of lightweight materials.

Features: Equipped with quick-dry and moisture-wicking technologies to keep comfortable and dry on the course.

Fit and Comfort: Designed with a tailored fit that enhances both the golfer’s physique and movement.

Aesthetics and Available Styles: Available in a variety of colors, these pants maintain an elegant and professional appearance, suitable for any golf setting.

Best Golf Pants for Hot Weather

Under Armour Iso-Chill Taper Golf Pants

Designed to dispel heat and keep golfers cool, Under Armour’s Iso-Chill Taper Golf Pants are essential for hot weather play.

Material: Nylon blend featuring Iso-Chill fabric technology that feels cool against the skin.

Features: UPF 50+ for sun protection, moisture-wicking fabric to keep the player dry.

Fit and Comfort: Tapered design that offers a stylish yet functional fit.

Aesthetics and Available Styles: Modern look with several color options, including white and grey.


Best Winter Golf Pants

Adidas Cold.Rdy Tapered Golf Pants

These pants are built to withstand cold conditions, keeping golfers warm without layering excessively.

Material: Polyester and elastane blend for warmth and mobility.

Features: Cold.Rdy technology that retains heat and repels the cold.

Fit and Comfort: Regular fit that allows for comfortable layering underneath.

Aesthetics and Available Styles: Available in subtle colors that pair well with other winter gear.


Waterproof Golf Pants

FootJoy HydroLite Golf Rain Pants

FootJoy’s HydroLite series offers excellent protection in rainy conditions, ensuring golfers stay dry during wet weather rounds.

Material: Lightweight Sta-Dry System is 100% waterproof.

Features: Seam-sealed for additional protection and a built-in belt for a secure fit.

Fit and Comfort: Offers an adjustable fit, with leg zippers allowing for easy on and off.

Aesthetics and Available Styles: Classic design in black that matches any rainwear.

Golf Pants for Women

Lululemon Warpstreme Multi-Pocket Mid-Rise Golf Pant 28

The Warpstreme Multi-Pocket Mid-Rise Golf Pant 28″ from Lululemon provides an optimized fit for women golfers, emphasizing comfort and performance on the course.

Material: Crafted from Warpstreme fabric, known for its exceptional four-way stretch and wrinkle resistance.

Features: These pants include moisture-wicking technology and multiple pockets, ideal for convenience and functionality.

Fit and Comfort: Designed with a mid-rise and tailored fit, they offer freedom of movement and a flattering silhouette.

Aesthetics and Available Styles: Available in various colors, they blend seamlessly into both golfing and casual wardrobes.

Why Choosing the Right Golf Pants Matters


Choosing the right golf pants is crucial for any golfer looking to optimize their gameplay. High-quality pants designed with technical fabric can significantly improve mobility and influence performance on the golf course. Features like a tapered fit and athletic cut enhance movement, allowing for a full range of motion during swings. Additionally, performance pants with zippered pockets ensure that essentials are secure without interfering with your stance or swing. These functional elements are essential for most golfers who value both comfort and performance.


The comfort of golf pants largely depends on the materials and fit. Advanced technical fabrics that feature moisture-wicking and quick-drying capabilities keep you comfortable and dry throughout the game, regardless of weather conditions. Water-resistant and armour coldgear materials provide added warmth and protection, making them ideal for cooler conditions. A well-designed athletic fit ensures that the pants are snug yet comfortable, while a more tailored fit can enhance comfort by reducing bulk and preventing the fabric from catching during play.


The style of your golf pants can significantly impact your confidence and how you carry yourself on the golf course. Men’s golf pants that adhere to the dress code with a professional look not only show respect for the tradition of the game but also boost your self-esteem. Whether you prefer a flat front for a classic look or slim side styles for a modern flair, your golf pants can complement your overall attire and help you stand out for the right reasons. Today’s designs integrate stylish elements with functional features, allowing you to transition seamlessly from the course to the clubhouse.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Right Golf Pants

Selecting the ideal golf pants is more than finding a pair that fits; it’s about ensuring all day comfort, versatility, and style on the course. When choosing men’s golf pants, consider several key factors to ensure they enhance your game and comfort.

Key Factors to Consider

Material: The fabric used in golf pants can greatly affect your performance and comfort. Opt for breathable, stretchy materials that offer comfortable fit and freedom of movement during your swing. Fabrics that blend stretch with durability are ideal, as they need to withstand multiple rounds of golfing and frequent washing. Breathable fabrics help maintain comfort even on hot days, making them perfect for long hours spent outdoors.

Fit: A good fit is crucial for any piece of apparel, especially golf pants. Look for a comfortable fit around the waist, and ensure there is enough stretch in the fabric to not restrict your movements, especially when swinging the club. Tapered fit pants are a stylish option that provides a classic yet modern look, offering quality without sacrificing comfort. Ensure the leg openings are of the right length and width to accommodate your golf shoes.

Weather Protection: For those who play in various weather conditions, choosing pants with water-resistant or quick-drying capabilities is beneficial. Look for features like zippered pockets to keep your valuables safe and dry.

Style Preferences: Whether you prefer the traditional look of dress pants or something more modern like slim-cut or tapered fit pants, the style should reflect your personal aesthetic. Many golf products now offer styles that can be worn both on and off the golf course, increasing the pant’s versatility.

Matching With Other Golf Apparel

When integrating golf pants into your overall attire, consistency is key. Coordinate your pants with other items such as golf shirts, shoes, and hats for a cohesive look. Here are a few tips:

  • Color Coordination: Match the color of your pants with one of the accent colors in your golf shirt or choose a neutral tone that complements various shirt colors.

  • Style Harmony: Pair modern slim-fit or tapered pants with fitted shirts and streamlined golf shoes for a contemporary look, or go for classic cuts for a more traditional ensemble.

  • Functionality: Ensure that the pants work well with the shoes and belts in terms of both style and functionality. Pockets should be accessible and adequate to hold your golf tees and scorecard without disrupting your play.

By considering these aspects, you can choose a pair of golf pants that not only looks great but also enhances your performance and comfort on the course.

Conclusion: The Art of Selecting the Perfect Golf Pants

Choosing the right men’s golf pants is an art that combines fashion, function, and comfort, ensuring every golfer feels confident and comfortable, whether hitting the fairway or relaxing at the clubhouse. The best golf pants of 2024 are more than just clothing; they are a performance enhancer that complements the golfer’s style and physical requirements.

The ideal golf pants marry the sophistication of dress pants with the functionality of performance pant, offering features like stretchy materials for excellent mobility and breathable fabrics that ensure comfort over hours of play. Modern golf pants come equipped with practical enhancements like zipper pockets to secure essentials and comfortable cuffs that fit neatly over golf shoes, emphasizing practicality without sacrificing style.

A key aspect of golf attire is adhering to the dress code of prestigious courses while pushing the envelope in terms of design and technology. The integration of back pockets, versatility in style, and a focus on performance make modern golf pants a crucial element of the golfer’s wardrobe. Whether you prefer the sleek look of tapered designs or the traditional cut of regular fits, the right pants should offer the freedom to move and the confidence to perform.

Ultimately, the perfect pair of golf pants aligns with your personal style, meets the demands of the game, and respects the traditions of the sport. When selecting your next pair of golf pants, consider not just how they look but how they enhance your experience and performance on the course. This holistic approach ensures that every purchase is not just a transaction, but a step towards perfecting your game and embracing the lifestyle that comes with it.


1. What are the key features to look for in high-quality men’s golf pants?

  • Look for golf pants that combine stretchy, breathable materials for all-day comfort and mobility. Features like zipper pockets can secure belongings while you move, and durable, lightweight fabric ensures long-lasting wear and ease during golfing.

2. How do performance pants differ from regular dress pants?

  • Performance pants are specifically designed for activities like golfing, incorporating technical fabrics that are stretchy, breathable, and lightweight. They support a full range of motion and offer features like moisture-wicking and quick-drying capabilities, unlike traditional dress pants which prioritize aesthetics.

3. What should I consider to ensure the best fit when buying golf pants?

  • For the best fit, choose golf pants that offer a tailored but comfortable waistband, adequate leg room, and a suitable length. Ensure the pants are snug but not constrictive, allowing for freedom of movement, especially when swinging a golf club.

4. How important is the design process in the development of modern golf apparel?

  • The design process is crucial as it integrates functionality with style. Designers focus on the specific needs of golfers, ensuring that the pants are not only stylish but also packed with features like stretchability and durability to enhance the golfing experience.

5. Why is breathability important in golf pants?

  • Breathability is key to maintaining comfort and preventing overheating on the course. Breathable fabrics help regulate body temperature by allowing air to circulate and moisture to evaporate quickly, which is particularly important during long rounds of playing golf.

6. Can golf pants be worn for other occasions besides golfing?

  • Yes, many modern golf pants are designed with a versatile aesthetic that makes them suitable for various settings beyond the golf course. Their lightweight and comfortable design, along with a classic look, make them appropriate for casual business meetings or any social occasion where a smart-casual dress code is applicable.

Discover More Golf Apparel Essentials​

As we conclude our detailed look at the best golf pants of 2024, we’ve seen a variety of options that cater to different preferences and needs on the golf course. From high-performance materials to stylish designs that keep comfort in mind, each pair of pants is designed to optimize your playing experience. If you’re interested in expanding your golf wardrobe further, make sure to explore our extensive nike golf apparel options. There, you’ll find a broader selection of essential golf wear that complements these pants, perfect for enhancing your comfort, style, and performance no matter the season or setting.

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