Are Women’s Golf Balls Different?

Are Women’s Golf Balls Different?

Do you love playing golf? Have you ever taken a closer look at the golf balls when playing? Most probably not. Most people love playing but do not go into the deep of golf. So, are women’s golf balls different?

Women’s golf balls are different. However, they come in nearly the same size with dimple featured patterns in their entire covering. However, the manufacture of golf balls differs from one model to another, mainly when it involves golf balls designed specifically for women.

Do you need to expand your knowledge of the types of balls present in the market? This article details the different types of golf balls specifically for women and their performance. Let us learn.

What’s the Difference Between Women’s and Men’s Golf Balls?

When you strike a golf ball with a golf club travelling slower, you may have a little spin and lower flight. Golf balls specific for women have soft cores and compress more under slight pressure. They have increased ball speed, carry, lift and cover longer distances.

The aerodynamic dimple-designed patterns add ball lift. The longer the ball stays in the air, the longer the distance it’ll travel. This phenomenon explains why it best fits our lady’s golf balls.

What Should You Consider When Choosing the Best Golf Ball?

When choosing your lady’s golf balls, you may have many factors to consider, with price being one of them. The key question to constantly ask yourself is, what performance do you need to be done by the golf balls? Is distance covered by the ladies’ golf ball your main priority? Or do you need to improve your feel and touch when playing?

Most people often overlook the short game regarding golf ball selection. Yet you can find golf ball which can offer you increased spinning when you land on the ground, superior feel, and great control under shorter game shots.

Best Women’s Golf Balls 

You’ll find so many golf balls to choose from in the market. With that said, you should always think about the best current golf balls that can offer you great field performance to improve your scores. Do you seek accuracy, great distance, spin, and feel?

Golf balls consist of several layers made of core and cover, hence getting the names one-piece, two-piece, etc. Two-piece golf balls offer the best performance for ladies as they provide spin, feel, and a blend distance.

However, the best women golfers will need to have the best in terms of spin and feel around the field.

Best Types of Golf Balls for Women

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball for Ladies

Under this seventh generation, the Srixon Soft Feel Lady is popular, travels long distances, and has greater carry. They come in both pink and white.

The softcore creates the soft feel on all full shots. The soft and thin cover enhances greater spinning and a softer feel on the field. The Speed Dimple patterns help reduce drag when the ball launches and increase lift during descent, particularly useful during windy conditions.

Good priceNo great spin on the green as Srixon’s premium will offer
Impressive all round   

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

The octahedral dimple spherically-tiled 350 design produces a higher-fly and consistent trajectory for longer distances. The LSX core helps in generating rapid speed with low spinning on full wing shots; this helps lady golfers gain maximum yardage.

The NaZ+ cover is durable and allows the feel of the ball around the greens, normally found in pink, green, white, or orange, under a vibrant matte finish.

The velocity makes it a good ball for the lady golfers.

Come under different colour optionsHas no short-game spin
Good distance   

The TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Ball

This type of ball is a three-piece mainly manufactured to provide golfers with a tour-level performance at affordable prices. Its core has an ultra-low soft, flexible material with a compression of 40.

The result from the features is a soft feel and higher transfer of energy to enhance higher speeds and longer ball distance. The urethane cover makes the wedge grip groove and betters the ball for high spinning shots.

spin control and an impressive feel for a mid-price ballLacks the extra performance of TP5

TaylorMade Kalea Golf Ball

Mainly designed for women who have slower swing speed, as part of the TaylorMade women’s range, they help in every game element.

Normally, they come in a purple or peach matte finish; they have softer high energy, and have low compression of 60. You’ll find them combined with a softer urethane cover, providing a softer feel under short game shorts for ladies with confidence-boosting distance.

Good color optionsHas a lesser spinning control than the other options
Impressive distance 

Mizuno RB566 Golf Ball

The engineering of the RB566 golf ball suits golfers with slower swing speeds in dry, warm conditions and when the growth is softer or during the winter seasons. The ball has 566 micro-dimples for a large and prolonged flight; they also have minor compression of the high-energy core, which reduces the driver spin for more efficiency and straighter ball flight.

The ionomer cover offers a feel for the greenside control and durability all year round.

All round performance and durableThe cover is not the softest, although it is highly durable
Launces and flies higher 

Bridgestone E12 Soft Golf Ball

The e12 soft golf ball is the best option for the less driver swings less speed of about 105mph. You’ll also find several options for colours, including three bold matte colours; green and yellow.

The golf ball comes in three-piece pieces with an active acceleration mantle. It has a higher performance polymer material, increasing the power and velocity of the initial impact. It also has a softer core for the feel. The dimple patterns of the golf ball cover help reduce drag and optimise the aerodynamics of ball flight.

Good feel and distancefirst swingers may prefer the E12 model


Golf balls look almost similar, although they have different field performances. The materials and structure are what make them perform differently. Therefore, selecting a golf ball for the ladies depends on the performance you expect.

You’ll probably find the different types of golf balls: Srixon soft feel golf ball for ladies, Titleist Velocity golf ball, The TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Ball, TaylorMade Kalea Golf Ball, Mizuno RB566 Golf Ball, and the Bridgestone E12 Soft Golf Ball.

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