Are Golf Balls Flammable?

Are Golf Balls Flammable?

Would you consider placing a golf ball over the fire? Many wonder if it’s a good idea. Comments have risen. But most of all, are golf balls flammable?

Warming golf balls can be a good idea, depending on the circumstances. However, fire can make your golf ball burst into flame. Whenever you decide to set your golf balls on fire, consider your safety and the people around you as it can lead to severe injuries, something you shouldn’t experience.

Do you want to increase your knowledge of the effect of heat on golf balls? Well, this article is here to assist.

What Should You Expect When You Heat a Golf Ball?

Do you want to increase the distance covered by the golf ball when struck? Well, this idea is for you. Leaving your golf ball in cold weather reduces the distance covered by the golf ball when struck. It’ll be best if you consider warming it up. You can use a microwave to perform the task for you. However, microwaving does not extend your ball’s lifetime.

Is It Illegal to Warm Golf Balls?

Every game has its rules. For golf gaming, warming golf ball in-game is legal according to 14-3/13 of October rule 5. At the same time, warming during a round violates rule 14. However, warming golf balls before the beginning of a tournament is allowed.

Do Golf Balls Go Far When Warm?

Generally, warmer golf balls travel a longer distance when struck. The improved material of the golf balls makes them so resilient; this makes them react better. During warm weather, the resiliency grows stronger. Whenever you strike such a ball, it will spin intensively while under high velocity.

Are the Golf Ball Warmers Legal?

Although golf rules forbid using overhand elbows, people can use hand warmers for warmth. Most people do this using equipment. However, purposeful warming of the golf ball during a round is illegal under the golf rules.

Why Warm Your Golf Ball?

You can have many reasons why you need to warm your ball. However, if the increasing distance covered by the golf ball is what you need, then consider warming up.

Consider these types of golf balls to use under cold condition

Best Golf Balls to Use Under Cold Weather

Golf BallMaterial Used
Bridgestone e6Ionomer
Srixon soft feelIonomer
TaylorMade tour ResponseUrethane
Bridgestone e12 contactIonomer

How to Warm up Golf Balls

Do you want a simple method of warming up your golf ball? Here is one helpful idea. Take a metal bucket and cover the inside with a towel. Add water, place your golf balls inside on the top of the metal bucket, and place them over the fire.

The towel helps the balls not directly get in touch with the metal. Allow the balls to sit in the water for about 30 minutes and take them out.

Do Golf Balls Get Affected by Heat?

Only temperatures above 170 degrees F affect golf balls. Fire affects the ionomer making up the golf ball.

With that said. Let us consider a few tips to know about golf balls.

Types of Golf Balls

There exist different types of golf balls. Some only offer basic features while inexpensive and suitable for high handicappers and beginners. Some provide more features mainly for experienced golfers.

The main types of golf balls include;

  • Tour value
  • Tour performance
  • Soft distance
  • Straight distance

Let us discuss them in detail.

Tour Value

Made of 3 layers and almost similar to a tour performance. They have a low compression rating, cheaper price tags, and less spinning. These balls make them the best choice for whoever doesn’t want to spend too much money.

Example: TaylorMade Tour Response, Titleist Tour Speed, and Srixon Q-star Tour.

Tour Performance

They have the highest price tags on the market and build for scratch golfers and low handicap. Designed for optimal distance coverage, spin, and feel. You have to make a faster swing speed to make long-distance coverage of the ball.

Example: Callaway Chrome Soft, Srixon Z-Star, TaylorMade TP5, and Titleist Pro V1.

Soft Distance

They have a low compression rate, designed for the slower swing people. People will make the golf ball cover a long distance with lesser spinning and faster swing.

Example: Srixon Soft Feel and Callaway Super Soft.

Straight Distance

It Has a large core and is made with a thin outer layer designed only for maximum distance. You’ll find the balls cheaper than fly straighter and tour balls in the market. The drawback is that; they do not have good short game performance.

Example: TaylorMade Distance+ and Titleist Velocity.

What Makes the Golf Ball Layers?

Each type of golf ball has a slight difference from the other. The size and core materials made could be different. The same applies to the covers and outer layers.

Let us discuss all the differences and what makes up the layers.

What Makes the Center of the Golf Ball?

Strong synthetic rubber material makes up the center of a golf ball. The type of the golf ball determines the different sizes of the center.

For the maximum distance coverage, golf balls tend to have larger cores. These balls require lesser speed to compress. Also called distance balls.

Mantle Layer

Golf balls that comprise more than two layers tend to have more additional surrounding layers on the core. The purpose of the layers is for higher spinning of the ball with the wedges.

Rubber and synthetic plastics make up these layers. You will need additional layers to take down the driver spinning rates when you increase club speed.


A few different softer materials make up the cover. The main types of covers include Surlyn, urethane, and ionomer.


You will find golf balls made from urethane cover, being more robust and tough. This synthetic cover gives the ball softer and more spin characteristics. However, they do not last long.


Usually, you’ll find the material at the lower ends of the gulf ball. Plastic polymer material makes it more durable. However, these balls do not have a higher spin.


This ionomer is a product of DuPont company. It is cheaper, more durable, and spins less.


The different material layers making up the golf balls make them flammable. Make cation when burning golf balls for a test as it can cause serious injuries.

However, different types of golf balls exist in the market with other working performances. Also, they come under different price tags of your choice.

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