Are Golf Balls Expensive?

Are Golf Balls Expensive?

Apparently, golf doesn’t seem like an expensive sport. You have to visit the golf course with a stick and a set of golf balls and start making the best of your time. However, things go out of hand when you start losing those golf balls while playing and visit the store again in the same month. That’s what most people are concerned about by asking are golf balls expensive.

The golf balls are expensive if you buy a branded pack and empty it within a month. That’s when your curiosity begins about how expensive golf balls are because, on average, it costs between $12-$50 to buy a dozen. Moreover, there are the cheap ones and the expensive ones as well.

Today, you’ll get to know the different types of golf balls and how expensive they are.

Different Types of Golf Balls

If you are a pro golfer, you must know how important it is to opt for the right golf ball. But if you are a newbie and such variety in the golf balls is confusing you, you have to read everything till the end of this post.

Like any other sport, you have to fully involve yourself in the gentleman’s game. After all, it’s not about only hitting the ball just to put it in the cup.

Besides, the variation in the prices of the golf balls depends on the following factors:

  • Material Quality
  • Compression
  • Pattern
  • Size

Material Quality

There’s a rule of thumb: the better material quality you look at in the golf balls, the pricier it gets.

The first factor that determines the expensiveness of a golf ball is the quality of the material while manufacturing. If you look at the outer layer of a golf ball, you will see the pattern and the hardshell. We’ll discuss the pattern later.

Let’s talk about the material quality of the outside skin.

Outer Layer of Golf Ball

The quality refers to what material is used in making the outer layer as well as the inner core of a golf ball. Typically, most manufacturers use urethane to make golf balls. These balls are the best for friendly and tournament games. Even if you are new to golfing, there’s no better option than getting a pack of golf balls made of polyurethane.

No doubt, polyurethane is more eco-friendly than other plastics because it’s inert in nature and doesn’t harm the lives of humans and animals.By inert nature, that means it doesn’t react chemically under normal conditions.

The urethane and polyurethane golf balls are less durable than Surlyn, but you can still bring them to golf tours and performance tests.

Moreover, the Surlyn golf balls are firm and give consistency while you practice your golfing skills. These golf balls are more suitable for the golf training sessions as you can repeatedly hit them without any change in the ball’s performance.

Softer Outer ShellHard Outer Skin
Less DurableHighly Durable
Good Spin as Preferred by Pro GolfersLess Spin Demanded by Professionals

Inner Core of Golf Ball

Most golf balls contain an inner core made of either pressurized or synthetic rubber. But modern manufacturers use butadiene rubber as the core of the golf balls.

However, the core of the golf balls has harmful effects as it’s not biodegradable. That’s why a number of golf accessories manufacturers are focusing on making eco-friendly golf balls.


According to professional golfers, a golf ball having lower compression travels more distance because of less swing.

It’s logical as well because when a golf ball or any ball swings in the air, it changes its direction. When the direction changes, the actual distance leading from the initial point of hitting to the expected destination doesn’t remain the shortest path.

In addition to that, lower compression provides straight flight technology to modern golf balls.

Therefore, always check the compression of the golf balls as it’s also one factor that determines the cost of the golf balls.


If you observe a golf ball closely, you will see different patterns by different manufacturers. Are these patterns important?

No doubt, the patterns decide the flight of a golf ball. You must have heard golfers mentioning “dimples” in their conversation. If you didn’t know it before, understand that dimples are not only on a human’s face but also on the golf balls. Moreover, we call them either patterns or dimples.

Approximately there are around 300-500 dimples or patterns on a golf ball. In addition to that, not all dimples are the same. Different brands use different patterns in the form of unique dimples. In addition, those dimples vary in size, shape, and numbers on a particular golf ball.

These dimples reduce the turbulent effect of the air from behind while in the air.

When the golf ball penetrates through the layer of air, the dimples make sure that the ball travels in the air smoothly.

In a nutshell, the patterns or dimples directly affect the trajectory of the golf balls. If you go for the pattern with shallower dimples, the golf ball you loft will go higher than a golf ball having deeper patterns.


People who are not experienced believe that the size of a golf ball is universal. That’s totally a myth because the size varies when it comes to golf balls.

Moreover, the average diameter of a golf ball is limited to 1,680 inches. Therefore, if you opt for a small golf ball, it will travel and land at a farther distance.

So always go for small to medium-sized golf balls.

Final Words

Golfing is an outdoor relaxing sport with as minimal accessories required as possible. However, the price might surprise you because there are a number of techniques to make a golf ball.

If you are new to the golf course, let the pro golfers help you gather the best accessories. Also, carefully decide whether you are willing to participate in any tournament or if it’s just a training session. You can also research on your own and then buy the set of quality yet affordable golf balls.

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