Welcome to Bogey Box

I can remember the night before my grandfather took me to my first par 3 course when I was 9 years old. I could barely sleep I was so excited! All these different thoughts ran through my head, how should I swing? I wonder how far I can hit it? How do I putt?? The next day I very quickly figured out the thing that all golfers know: Whatever you think will happen, likely won’t. For most recreational golfers like myself, rounds are filled primarily with bad shots and what-ifs. But it’s those few incredible shots that keep us coming back every time.

Bogey Box Golf Club is my way of giving back to golfers like me who are always looking to level up, either with new equipment or trying to learn a new aspect of the game. I’ve spent years playing with every kind of golf equipment and apparel under the sun, and now I’m reviewing it just for you!

Here’s to the pursuit of that scratch status we all want!